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Who We Are

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Constantly Improving Our Skills to Achieve You Goals

+7 years experience in the global finance market and offering trading solutions,
while working with 15k+ clients around the world.

Kopher Investment Groups was founded in 2015 and has become a driving force within the independent financial advisory and employee benefits sector. With Financial Planners and Corporate Consultants spanning across the United States, we give our clients the power to take control of their financial future by delivering Professional advice at any level operation, while assuring maximum result in operations.

The entire Kopher team is committed to delivering nothing short of excellent result following the financial plan and structure of our partners and clients.

What We Offer


Intergrity, Excellence, Commitment

  • Our Mission

    We are focused on giving you the potential to generate financial returns on both rising and falling prices across FX, stocks, commodities, shares and cryptocurrencies.

  • Vision Statement

    Our vision is to assist you in making investments for the future. In order for our clients to achieve their financial objectives, we work hard to offer clients a reliable, trustworthy, and effective services.

  • Core Value

    Offering you the widest selection of instruments, platforms, account types and resources to make your investment experience as efficient and convenient as possible..

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What's Special About Kopher

Our commitment to create lasting impact means that we work differently, tenacious in our desire to unearth the fundamentals that drive businesses and markets over the long-term.

And it means that we partner differently, aligning our interests with those of our investors for lasting impact.

Assets Management 95%
Trading Skills 97%


Our Experts

Meet The Team

Hillscent McDonald


Clark Wensel

Director/Co Founder

Regina Muldoone

Trade Consultant

John Martin

Legal Officer